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A kitten, a frog and some turkish music

So, what has a kitten and frog got to do with turkish pop music?

Well, nothing really… this tale begins back in 2008 I spent some time in the small town of Goreme in Turkey which is in the spectacular region of Turkey known as Cappadoccia… famous for the underground cities, rock-cut churches, and the so called “fairy chimney” rock formations that were once peoples homes.

Whilst in Goreme I was introduced to the sometimes strange, but wonderful sounds turkish music by a woman in a souvenir shop that doubled as an Internet cafe. I visited Goreme twice that year as part of a long journey through Asia and the Middle East. Having taken many, many photographs along the way I spent many long hours in Goreme’s Internet cafe uploading photographs to Facebook.

Spending so much time there I got to know the owner very well, often I was the only customer, and got to know the family and their little kitten. In those boring moments while waiting for photos to upload I would watch the little kitten playing in the shop doorway – it seemed love playing with a little frog that was hanging from a rack of ‘carpet-bags’ for sale outside.

Everytime I went to the cafe there was music playing in the background and although I wasn’t aware of it – it was slowly seaping into my subconscious – it wasn’t just Turkish tea I was soaking up!

It turned out that the shop owner had noticed that I was often tapping my feet to the turkish music, although I hadn’t really noticed myself, and one day she presented me with a CD she had created for me. This CD of turkish music had over 400 mp3 tracks on it… what a lovely generous gift.

So by now you’ll be thinking, “what is the point of this post?”, we’ll I thought I’d share some of the turkish music that randomly plays on my iPod (when I’m least expecting it)… so here are my favourite turkish songs – none of which I actually understand!!

In no particular order:


What is your favourite??



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I think you’re right about ‘re-tuning’… gotta love Turkey though. One of my favourite countries and I’ve been lucky to travel all over Turkey – watch out for some more post from Turkey.

I love your Turkish Travel blog…

Natalie - Turkish Travel Blog

I love Goreme as a destination. Turkish music, I think sometimes could do with a bit of re-tuning but it is a unique sound.

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