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Isfahan nightlife

If you’re ever lucky enough to go to Iran one place you have to go is Isfahan. There are many reasons I say this – the mosques, palaces, caravanserais, madrassas and even churches and cathedrals, but you should also check out Isfahan’s nightlife.

Now I can’t promise you night clubs or late night bars, but what you will find is Iranians enjoying their evenings in the parks and on the bridges that can be found all along the Zayandeh river. Afer dark the place comes alive with people socialising in the riverside parks, men fishing along the river and people enjoying the cool night air on the floodlit bridges.

Isfahan (Esfahan) has several bridges including the Marnan bridge, the 11th century Pol-e Sharestan bridge, the 17th century Pol-e Khaju bridge, the Pol-e Joui bridge and my favourite the 33 arch Si-o-Se Pol (Bridge of 33 arches) which was built for Shah Abbas the Great in the early 17th century.

The Si-ose Pol looks beautiful when floodlit and the local Isfahanis love to hang out on the bridge – some groups meet up to sing songs in the arches and you’ll often see romantic young couples sitting together watching the waters of the Zayandeh river flow by.

Here are some more pictures of the parks and bridges along the Zayandeh river in Isfahan, Iran:

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yeah iran is an amzing country – thepeople are overwhelming… so good people!!!

esfahan is a beautifu city too!!
but i am wondering when you have been there and took these photos!!???
the river is dried…. because the “government” “decided” to change the direction what the river was used to flow and use it for other purposes…… horrible, there was no water in the river bed that goes through esfahan this summer and as i heard its like that since a few years. people lost a precious place of social activities, cooling down in the hot summer and a part of their life, city and traditon….
anyway, visit iran – the people are great!!!!!!!


I travelled through Iran by chance really, I was heading through central Asia and was meant to go through Azerbaijan and Georgia to Turkey, but the Russians invaded Georgia, so had to re-route through Iran. It turned out to be one of the most interesting places I’ve been too and on I thought I’d never get the chance to see… I’ll have to do a post on it soon.

Sarah Wu

wow, these are some beautiful nightshots of Iran. How was your trip there?

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