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5 photos I wish were mine:
Making eye contact

This week the subject is the making eye contact.

There are sometimes moments when your subject spots you taking a photograph and make direct eye contact. It’s as if they’re looking at you through the lens – sometimes a look of glee or fascination – sometimes that ‘I caught you’ look…

“Busted…” India
By Cameron MacMaster | Cameron’s Photostream | About Cameron

By UrvishJ | UrvishJ’s Photostream | About UrvishJ

“Avi Sells Sugar Wafers on the Bus” Santa Ana, El Salvador
By Uncornered Market | Uncornered Market’s Photostream | About Uncornered Market

By UrvishJ | UrvishJ’s Photostream | About UrvishJ

“The Happiest Girl in Phnom Penh” Phnom Penh, Cambodia
By Maciej Dakowicz | Maciej’s Photostream | About Maciej Dakowicz

About this post…

For me it is the people you meet when you travel that make or break the experience where ever you are in the world. This post allows me to share with you some of my favourite photographs from other photographers. There are some supremely talented photographers out there and some amazing faces to capture!



My favourite is the last one, just because I have such sad memories about PP it’s nice to see a child with so much joy.



It should just be a case of adjusting aperture to create a shallow depth of field, and then getting the right shutter speed for exposure – easy right!?

The same effect can be created in Photoshop by applying a blur to the background selectively to enhance the depth of field (not saying thats the case here – can’t say for sure). The shot may also have been cropped to improve composition rather than being composed in camera in the way it has been presented… looks like some hair from another person on right-hand edge of shot.

Lisa E @chickybus

I can understand how you feel. They are gorgeous shots. Wish my camera allowed me to blur out the background as in that last one. Lovely stuff!

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