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Panoramics of Turkey and Kurdistan

You’re probably thinking “Wow – panoramic”, but sorry to disappoint you – these are not true panoramic shots and infact they were all taken on a mobile phone.

A few years back I was travelling in the south east of Turkey – in other words Kurdistan.

I was exploring some of the ancient sites like stone heads on Nemrut Dagi, Cedere Roman bridge, Akdamar Island, and the flood water threatened Hasankeyf on the Tigris river. Along the way visiting places like Mardin, Diyarbikar, San Lurfa and Van.

These shots were a bit of fun – my mobile phone allowed you to take three pictures and stitch them together in-phone. You take one, then it overlay the first shot onto the next in the view screen which allowed you to pan and line it up, and so on.

It was difficult to get the overlap correct as you’ll see – even with a little crude Photoshop cloning later the transitions between shots are really obvious. The images were also enlarged later, so some of the sharpness has been lost, but a few of them weren’t bad… so enjoy!

Here are more panoramics from Turkey and Kurdistan:

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Thanks Priyank – I like the second one too – I like having the girl in shot taking a photograph.


For pictures taken from a cellphone, these are quite good! I especially liked the composition of second picture.

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