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5 photos I wish were mine:
Holi (Festival of Colours)

This week I’m sharing photographs on the subject of Holi – the Festival of Colours.

Holi, also known as the Festival of Colours is a Hindu festival, which according to Poras Chaudhary (the first photographer featured), is “celebrated after full moon in early March where people throw colours at each other”. Inspired by photos like these I hope to one day experience Holi for myself…

The featured photos from India and Bangladesh.

“Holi” Mirzapur, Haryana, India
By Poras Chaudhary | Poras’s Photostream | Visit Poras Chaudhary’s website

“Holi Festival” India
By Jitendra Singh | Jitendra’s Photostream | Visit Jitendra’s website

“Happy Holi” Shakhari Bazaar, Dhaka, Bangladesh / 2009
By Mohammad Rakibul Hasan | Mohammad’s Photostream | Visit Mohammad’s website

“Holi Celebration” Dhaka, Bangladesh
By Kaisar Ahamed | Kaisar’s Photostream | About Kaisar Ahamed

“Holi, Festival of colors ” Dhaka, Bangladesh
By Syful Rony | Syful’s Photostream | About Syful

About this post…

For me it is the people you meet when you travel that make or break the experience where ever you are in the world. This post allows me to share with you some of my favourite photographs from other photographers. There are some supremely talented photographers out there and some amazing faces to capture!

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