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Local Kyrgyz legend “Kojumkul”

Whilst travelling through Kyrgyzstan we stumbled upon an old yurt – a memorial to a local hero… Kojumkul

Kojumkul was a ‘strong man’, who became famous for his feats of strength and winning wrestling matches. He was said to be seven feet five inches. Eventually he had no-one to rival him in Kyrgyzstan, so he took on the best wrestler in Kazakhstan and beat him too.

This giant of a man was as kind as he was strong – apparently sharing the many sheep that he won amongst the poor villagers. He was also an excellent hunter and every day his wife (Akmadai) prepared food for the villagers during the Second World War.

The village named in his honour has a collection of huge stones which he is reputed to have lifted onto his shoulders. There is one 700kg stone which he is supposed to have lifted and placed on an officials grave. He is also said to have carried a horse for over 100 meters.

There are many versions of his death, one says that an insect got into his food and caused him to fall ill and eventually die.

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