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Making blankets while the sun shines at Tash-Rabat

On a visit to Tash-Rabat in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan I stumbled upon a mother and daughter about to make a traditional blanket called a ‘tushuk’.

A ‘tushuk’ is like a kind of quilted blanket commonly used by the Kyrgyz people in their yurts. The blankets are stuffed with sheep’s wool and/or goat hair and are very comfy and warm in winter. I stopped for a while and watched the woman make a ‘tushuk’ with the help of her daughter, so here is my understanding of how it is done…

Step 1

Gather plenty of sheep’s wool and/or goat hair.

Step 2

Lay the blanket covering out on the ground (inside out) and lay all the stuffing on top in an even layer.

Step 3

Roll the stuffing up into the blanket covering.

Step 4

The tricky part – turning it ‘outside in’ (or was it ‘inside out’) so the stuffing ends up on the inside. I’m still not sure how they did it!

Step 5

Even it all out and sew up the sides of the blanket.

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Hi Sarah, Nadia – I wish I’d got a couple of extra shots in this sequence to show how they managed to get the stuffing inside and not get it everywhere.

Ayngelina… thank you. I think more luck than judgement 😉

Sarah Wu

Interesting post, Step 4 does seem pretty tricky.


Interesting! I agree with you on Step 4, it does look like it requires a lot of practice.


Wow such beautiful work. I like that you pulled out wide enough to see the landscape in the background.

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