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Sunrise in the Sudan

Sometimes a photographic opportunity falls into you lap at the most unlikely times… this shot of a man riding out of the rising sun on his donkey was captured early one morning on the road to Dongola in Sudan.

After driving all through the night we hit soft sand whilst attempting to cross from one road to another. The truck became bogged and I remember thinking “we’re gonna get stuck”… I’d been on the truck for nearly five months and travelled through many deserts along the way. After a while you can tell by the look of the sand, and you get a feel for what the truck can do.

Anyway this was a blessing because we’d been driving all night on Sudan’s bumpiest roads and tracks (the worst I’ve ever encountered – despite what the guide book said!) and we were all glad of a break.

As the sun rose we had to dig the truck out, but the sun rise was beautiful. The sun light filtered through the sand thrown up by trucks on the so called ‘road’. And, then a local man came by on a donkey – an opportunity not to be missed.

So, it just goes to show that for every negative there is usually a positive…



Great photo! The story behind it really makes it come to life.


It just seems to work in this case… it was a Canon G9.

I usually travel with 2 cameras. A Canon 5D and something more travel friendly, loved the G9, it was perfect for travel. Compact, decent MPs, reasonable zoom, sturdy, and manual settings when you need them – sadly I no longer have it 🙁

Waterproof Camera

Many photographers would complain about the burnt sun etc. but the picture looks fabulous to me! Is it taken with a DSLR or compact?


amazing photos again! Do you mind telling me what sort of camera do you use? Am trying to get a proper one after using compact cameras for so long

Lisa @chickybus

What an amazing photo…I love it! The way the dust is being kicked up is wonderful!


What a beautiful way to look at the bright side of things – no pun intended 🙂

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