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Photo of the week: Wakhan Corridor

I recently took a journey down the Wakhan valley in Tajikistan’s Gorno-Badakhshan region – more appropriately called ‘the Pamirs’ after the mountains that dominate this part of the world. Whilst on this journey I saw one of the most beautiful views I’ve seen on my travels to date.

This valley is sometimes referred to as the ‘Wakhan Corridor’ because it forms a land link between Afghanistan and China. It is a fascinating part of the world where you have Tajikistan and the Pamir mountains on one side of the river and Afghanistan and the Hindu Kush mountains on the other side. Four wheel drives on one side and donkey caravans on the other…

The corridor is a relic of the Great Game. Agreements between the British, Russians and Afghans split the Wakhan area to form the border between Afghanistan and the Russian Empire. This corridor formed a buffer between the British and Russian empires.

This photograph is taken from Yamchun Fortress (3rd century BC) and looks out down the valley with the Panj River flowing by. Across the river is Afghanistan and the Afghan Pamirs, and the snow covered peaks of the Hindu Kush mountains behind them.

Definitely a view I’ll never forget!

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