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Marmots at Sary-Tash

These marmots appear to be looking out to the stunning snow-capped Alay mountains at Sary-Tash and who could blame them!?

Sary-Tash is in the Alay Valley, Osh Province, Kyrgyzstan.

In fact they’re on alert as they have been startled by our walk down to the river where we were to take in the views of the 7134m Lenin Peak.

Marmots are a common sight in this part of Kyrgyzstan. It is difficult to tell from such a distance, but they could well have been long-tailed or golden marmots. Marmots can be found all around the world living in burrows where they hibernate through the winter. They are very social animals and use loud shrieks to communicate – particularly when alarmed. They stand alert like prairie dogs although they are slightly different.



I haven’t been to Sary-Tash yet, but I do see marmots all over Kyrgyzstan. We saw a lot of them on the hike from Tash Rabat to Chatyr Kul. I love the little chattering noises they make. I need to get a bigger zoom lens to capture them in a photo as well as you did because they were always too fast into their holes when I’d try to get close with my camera. Great shots!

Jonathan (retrotraveller)


Hi Marianne, well you were there too as I seem to recall. They were a little difficult to catch!!


Did you try milking the marmots?!

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