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Nagasaki’s 10 million dollar night view…the last view you’ll see as a couple?

If you ever find yourself in Nagasaki, Japan and you are stuck for something to do after the sun goes down – take the cable car up Mount Inasa and you can take in Nagasaki’s “10 Million Dollar Night View”!

Now I must admit I didn’t realise this was a “10 million dollar…” view when I went up the hill that evening. I only realised this whilst searching online for the name of the hill. As night views of cities go, this is a pretty nice one… the photograph doesn’t do it justice (no tripod).

I’d recommend this view to most, but if you’re in a relationship maybe/maybe not…


Well, I also read on a couple of websites that “This is also a common place for young local couples to break off relationships…” – notice ‘break off‘!?

Now I’m no casanova, but I had this down as a romantic spot to take a wife or girlfriend… and, judging by the number of Japanese couples up at the viewing platform, I thought many others felt this way too. Or were they breaking up…

So now I look back at the photograph below I’m wondering – are the couple centre-right having a romantic evening or ending their relationship???

One thing that has crossed my mind though is this – if this is true, surely you would never go up there – as soon as your girlfriend says “shall we go up Mount Inasa tonight?” you’d know that it was all over, right?

Help – anyone out there now if this fact about Mount Inasa is true?

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Hi Andrew. Glad you liked it – I like to be different!

Bluegreen Kirk

I wonder way people would take that long ride up jsut to break off their relationship. Nice photos of the city and the one of the people.

Andrew - The Unframed World

I love the shot of the people. A different subject than most shoot when they visit such a nightview.

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