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Mount Fuji… oh you missed it!

Mount Fuji is an iconic image that you associate with Japan, and when I was there it was high on my list of thing to see. However, I thought I would miss out on seeing because I was travelling around Japan in June.

It is generally considered too dangerous to ascend at that time of year, so Mount Fuji was not on my itinerary. Then on the train from Nara to Tokyo I realised I might get a glimpse of it from the train and sure enough there it was… I was so excited that I shouted “Mount Fuji!”… so the rest of my group knew to look out of the window.

The funny thing was that the guy sitting by the window slept all the way through all the excitement and missed it!

Mind you I guess he sees it every day…

After several failed attempts, buildings and telephone lines getting in my shots, I managed to get one half-decent photograph – not bad from the window of a high-speed Japanese shinkansen!

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